Cultilux Max Yield | Superioir Quality

CULTILUX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LEDs and CMH lighting in the horticulture industry. We are dedicated to providing indoor gardening enthusiasts with professional grade lamps and fixtures worldwide. Founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, at Cultilux we continuously focus on improving lighting technology with a goal of increasing growth and profits for our customers. Our team was founded by a group of professionals with over 2 decades of knowledge in the lighting industry and we are the manufacturer so you can rest assured our Cultilux CMH and LEDs are reliable, effective and capable of producing greater yields and quality when compared to other sources of light.

Under the foundation of efficiency and inventiveness, our founders began their research and development with LED lighting and added CMH technology to its lineup. Cultilux decided to focus efforts into perfecting these two technologies, giving the grower an option to go with LED or HID lighting with similar results. The Cultilux team has put forth timeless effort and research into the stability, lifespan, and performance of our CMH lamps and LED fixtures. We are revolutionizing the lighting industry with professional and affordable lighting systems that simply produce.

Pricing is another important factor when purchasing horticulture lighting systems. When considering purchasing light fixtures for your grow, price is a large variable to consider. Our CMH lamps and LEDs provide the most competitive solution and affordable pricing when compared to its rivals.

Lastly, at Cultilux, we pride ourselves in amazing warranties with quick customer service. We offer a 5-year warranty on LED products, a 3-year warranty on our electronic ballasts and 1-year warranty on our CMH lamps. All warranties have a 24 hour turn around time insuring you will be back on schedule as quickly as possible should there be an issue with any of our products.