Cultilux is a leading horticulture light-bulb manufacturer, specializing in ceramic metal halide technology.

Cultilux Max Yield | Superioir Quality

The lamps perform at their peak while running in low frequency ballast which operate in the 100-400 Hz range.

The quality of your grow light is the greatest ingredient an indoor grower can have to increase the yield and quality of their crop. We are the ONLY manufacturer of the TRUE 600watt and 1000watt CMH lamps. We are confident that our 3k lamps with its enriched red spectrum and safe levels of UV dosage, as well as our 4k lamps, are the only light source needed for the highest quality results.

We offer a full range of wattage to satisfy the smallest facilities to the largest, sophisticated, commercial facilities. We have engineered our spectrum to mimic the McCree, Chlorophyll A & B profile, which is considered optimal for all stages of growth.

CMH represents major advancements in HID evolution. These lamps provide high-quality growth spectrum, amazing PAR per watt performance, and extra energy in the ultraviolet range—which all contribute to increased crop quality. Excellent maintenance of PAR/PPF over long lamp life means great value and far longer re-lamping intervals.