Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps for Horticultural Lighting

CMH lamps provide a high-quality growth spectrum, amazing PAR per watt performance, and extra energy in the ultraviolet range—which all contribute to increased crop quality.

Cultilux 315W CMH Lamp

Radiation Safety

Krypton 85 is a radioactive material incorporated in most CMH which is rigorously controlled by the Federal government. Since the product is licensed by the United States National Radioactive Commission (NRC), the Krypton 85 in our bulbs is guaranteed to be safe for humans, animals, plants, and environment.

Kr-85 Safety Warning

Perfect Growing Spectrum

The Cultilux 3000K horticulture CMH bulbs are designed to grow plants in the flowering stage. The overall light spectrum at maximum 315W capacity perfectly matches the plant’s chlorophyll A and B curves. The electrical energy is therefore transferred to photons absorbed by plants very efficiently. With additional UV-A and UV-B, and far red enhanced light components, the finished dense flowers contain significant portions of oil.

UV Spectrum

A healthy portion of UV-A (315 – 400 nm) and UV-B (280 – 315 nm) generated from Cultilux CMH may increase trichome density and THC content. In addition, UV light may defend against insects and prevent the spread and severity of fungal spores.

Closest to the Sun

The Cultilux 4000K horticulture CMH Bulbs are designed to grow plants in the vegetative stage. Unlike spectrums of other 4200K CMHs and traditional metal halides, our 4000K CMH’s light spectrum is manufactured to simulate natural Sunlight at noon with a bell shape. Plants will grow much faster with strong and short stems and healthy leaves in such light spectrum.